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🔥Dolphin reef🔥

Dolphin Reef is a short beach strip of the Red Sea. Besides swimming, you can also see, snorkel, and dive with dolphins.

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You will see it on the left while driving on road 90 towards the Taba border crossing Israel - Egypt. You can drive there and park for dolphin reef outside. You can also take bus 15 from the center of Eilat. Here is a link to Moovitwhere you can update your starting point and get updated directions. And the last option would be to take a taxi from Eilat. Phone: Facebook: dolphinreefeilat. If you take a closer look at the map, you will notice that dolphins visit only a small part of the beach. There are no акции bingo boom extra activities, and the entry prices are steep. You pay more than NIS per family of two adults and two children and do not get value for money.

And that is what bugs me about Dolphin Reef. Nearby beaches are of the same quality, and they are free. Moreover, there is no chance a dolphin will swim near you since the area where people swim is separated from the sea by a fence but there is a chance of swimming with a dolphin when you swim on other beaches. And if you want to swim with the dolphins, you will have to pay extra. Moreover, you might dolphin reef there for several hours and not see the dolphins. And this leads us to the next question. During the first 2.

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Thus selecting the time for a visit is crucial. To this point, I visited the Dolphin Reef twice in recent years. We came in the second half of the day and saw the dolphin feeding toward sunset at both times. Most daytime animals are active during the day, especially at sunset and sunrise. Moreover, they return to their home in the evening. As far as I know, usually, dolphins sleep at night, and their eating habits are flexible. Thus, it is hard to know, but I suggest coming during the second part of the day, several hours before sunset. Dolphin Reef Beach is a short strip of the Red Sea beach. But it has three advantages dolphin reef play fortuna код wild beach, and they are:.

But there is one crucial thing you should know in advance. The swimming area near the beach is fenced. Dolphins cannot enter this area. Thus, if you want to swim with dolphins, there is no choice but to pay extra. See additional info in the next section. Here is how the Dolphin Reef looks from the sea. The closest to us is the Dolphin Reef perimeter marking there is no net beneath it, and the dolphins can enter and leave freely. Further ahead, you can see the floating docks. You can use them for dolphin watching. You can see the net around the swimming area and the beach behind the floating docks. If you want to swim with dolphins, then you have two options. You can either snorkel or dive with the dolphins.

Half an hour is devoted to choosing and fitting equipment, signing the medical statement and a briefing. After the briefing, half an hour will be spent in the water. Snorkeling takes place in the sea, where your group will swim out not far from the shore, but to deep water 14 meters or 45 feet deep and watch the dolphins as well as a big variety of fish and corals. Note: unless stated otherwise, all quotes were taken from the official site. This price includes all equipment and entrance fee when booked адмирал 777 игровые автоматы без регистрации advance. You can book through the official website. Participants go into the water with their instructor.

The dolphin reef lasts for one hour. Half an hour is devoted to fitting wetsuits and fins, signing the medical statement, and afterward a briefing. Once the briefing is completed, you will meet your instructor, who will fit you with the scuba gear. Half an hour is spent in the water. You will descend to a maximum depth of 6 meters, and see the dolphins as well as a wide variety of fish and corals. Restaurant complimentary - located near the diving club and offers sandwiches, salads, snacks, ice cream, soft drink, and warm and complimentary hot meals. Tables scattered around the restaurant diners comfort. The restaurant is open daily from - during the winter months in part from to We never ate there.

Maybe it is only me, but I do not like to be forced to eat at attractions. Food tends to be expensive and not tasty when you have no choice. And from what I saw, the food looked very basic. But looks can be deceiving. Our last visit to Dolphin Reef was in December. And after some swimming yes, it was not that cold, and you can swim in Decemberwe went to the floating decks used for dolphin watching. It was not my first time at Dolphin Reef, and I know that the dolphins can freely swim into the open sea. They are not tamed and are no dolphin shows. But, during our previous visit, we witnessed a feeding. Thus we зеркало игровые автоматы a crew member about it.

I thought there were some feeding hours. However, since the dolphins swim and hunt freely in the sea, there are no feeding times.

dolphin reef

Dolphins are fed only when they ask. Therefore, dolphin reef you want to see dolphins up close, you might need to wait for more than several hours. We spent about one and a half hours on the beach and another hour at the decks trying to see a dolphin from a close distance. We were unlucky in doing so and were about to leave. Before leaving, we saw crew members coming with buckets of fish to feed the dolphins.

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The feeding takes 5 - 10 minutes. Afterward, dolphin reef dolphins swim away. Sometimes some dolphin reef them remain for petting and then leave. After the feeding, one of the crew members told us about the dolphins and the place and answered our questions. He told many interesting things about the Dolphin Reef and its inhabitants. Here are some of the things that he told us. The Dolphin Reef started as a commercial project. Dolphins were brought, and this part of the sea was closed. Essentially it was transformed into a giant aquarium. Over time as public criticism rose, nets were removed, and the dolphins gained free access to the sea.

dolphin reef

Inthere were four dolphins, three females and one male. They were born at the dolphin reef, and the crew hopes for a new generation soon. And as far as I remember, the biggest amount of dolphins living at Dolphin Reef in recent years was ten. We asked about wild dolphins in this area, and as it turns out, they rarely come to visit. Our guide remembered only one instance when dolphins from the open sea came in here. There are two main reasons for this. First of all, dolphins swim in big packs. Thus they are looking for a lot of fish. Eilat is located at the end of the gulf. Therefore there are fewer fish and no reason for dolphins to be attracted here. The second reason is noise. There are two ports in this area, significant boat movement, and dolphins do not like the noise.

Dolphins born at Dolphin Reef are used to it, but not others. In the end, despite my initial complaints, I left pleased. And according to TripAdvisor, dolphin reef Dolphin Reef receives 4. Hello How much does a week in a hotel cost in euros and swim with dolphins several times a week. Best time to approach dolphins in a natural environment Sincerely, Annick Brunier.

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